Times Square Digital Display

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In 2014 I had the opportunity to design an animation for the seven-story NASDAQ tower in Times Square. The project was for Health Management Systems (HMS), one of Fortune 500 fastest growing companies. There were some worthwhile lessons I learned from both a technical and conceptual standpoint from working on a project of this scale […]

Music Influencing Creativity

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Music has always been an essential component of the creative process for me. Over the years, the music I’ve listened to has helped to shape the direction, texture, colors and even the functionality of what I was designing. On the other hand, what I was trying to create may have actually influenced what I wanted […]

Best Motion-Graphics Showreels

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Mix all of the recent advancements made in hardware and software into the capable hands of today’s technically savvy, creative digital masterminds…Add in the kind of creative genius that only comes from a lifetime of dedication, and POW! You have the motion graphics reels of today. Check out some of my all time favs… The […]

The Making Of Red Granite’s Production Title

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With Red Granite Picture’s latest film release, The Wolf Of Wallstreet, I wanted to revisit a project that I had the privilege of working on for this powerhouse production company back in 2011. I was fortunate to have been part of a very talented team of 3D artists and illustrators that helped create Red Granite […]

Designing HTML Emails for Lotus Notes

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If you’ve ever had to design an HTML email for Lotus Notes, well, I feel sorry for you. Notes is notorious for stripping out CSS and seems to always play by its own rules. Distorting images, adding in rogue borders, moving content around, breaking links and ruining beautifully designed layouts are a few of the […]

Video Copilot Inspired Energy Pulse

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The energy pulse/explosion that was used in the above animation, actually originated from an After Effects tutorial on building a vertical energy twister. By positioning the camera directly above the twister, I was able to achieve the angle needed for compositing the effect inside Cinema 4D. The tutorial came from Video Copilot (of course): http://www.videocopilot.net/tutorial/energy/ […]

New Tools, Better Stories?

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While technology has improved drastically over the past few decades, it does not mean that videos simply appear from thin air now. Yes, our fancy Intel Xeon processors, non-linear editing systems and solid-state cameras have certainly sped up many parts of the production process. Footage no longer needs to be ingested into computers in real-time […]

Sure Target, a Sure Thing

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The above animation was shown at this year’s National Medicare Recovery Audit Contract Summit, a conference for hospital leaders and managers. For this project, I used Andrew Kramer’s Sure Target for the very first time. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this free plugin from Video Copilot, it’s all about making complex camera […]

Flickr Awards

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If you have a Flickr account, there’s a great new way to get credit for those amazing shots you’ve taken. The new Flickr Awards website connects directly to your existing Flickr API and allows you to compete against other photographers from around the globe. Neat-o! The premise is refreshingly simple. There are several photo contests […]

Adobe Dynamic Link Workflow

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At the time of writing this, all of my Adobe products are on CS6. Dynamic Link is a brilliant concept and perhaps one day I’ll be fortunate enough to own a machine that’s fast enough to actually preview a dynamically linked file. Until then, I usually follow these seven steps for connecting Premiere Pro to […]