• Screen shot of the website for Amaan...An Oryx Tail. This is the home page for the site and an introductory flash video is in the center of the page.
  • Screen shot of the character page for the animated series, Amaan...An Oryx Tail. The page includes character from the series.
  • A screen shot of the website for the animated series, Amaan...An Oryx Tail. The website has an adventurous feel and incorporates old textures.
  • Screen shot of code written by Joel Mertz for the website, Amaan...An Oryx Tail. The code includes scripts, HTML and comments.

“Amaan… An Oryx Tail” is a light-hearted fantasy animation about a young Arabian Oryx with an appetite for adventure. To help promote Amaan’s tale, I developed amaananoryxtail.com. The site was made using artwork from the talented individual’s of Inviro Studios. Highlights for this site include embedded Flash videos, character bios and an image gallery.

  • Medium: Website
  • Year: 2010
  • Skills: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Adobe Flash

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