A colorful, detailed mural of my room in college hanging on a brick gray, brick wall in Eugene, Oregon.
A colorful, detailed vector illustration created by Joel Mertz. The illustration is of Joel's room in college, and includes several miscellaneous items that are scattered everywhere.

Don’t ask me why I owned some of these items in college. Lasers, stacks of old Nintendo games, bowling pins, two pimp cups, rubber ducks, and of course enough black lights to start a rave. This vector illustration chronicles not only my personal belongings at the time, but more importantly represents a turning point for myself as a digital artist.

For the first time, I discovered a way to create a drawing that felt like myself using a computer. The transition from fine art to digital art took me a very long time. With this illustration however, I finally felt like I was beginning to grasp what was truly possible with applications like Adobe Illustrator.

  • Medium: Illustration
  • Year: 2007
  • Skills: Adobe Illustrator

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