Superhero theme booth skin design by Joel Mertz for HMS. The title reads, Join the Integrity League. The booth was shown at NOPLG in 2014.
HMS's superhero themed booth skin exhibited at the National Other Party Liability Group. Designed by Joel Mertz using illustrations from Getty.

How can you make subrogation analytics, coordination of benefits, comprehensive eligibility services, claim reviews and audit solutions be exciting and look totally awesome? Pretend that each of these products and services is literally a super power. This comic book inspired booth design aimed to captivate audiences with the story of superheroes who empower everyday people by helping them to battle the evil villains who wreck havoc on the healthcare system.

The “Integrity League” was an exploration into the very fitting “hero archetype” for Health Management Systems (HMS). The willingness of the company to look at their products and services through a different lens, led to this booth being the standout exhibition at the National Other Liability Convention in April, 2014. A comic book styled brochure and animated cartoon were also presented to reinforce the idea

Click here to see the video for this project.

  • Medium: Booth skin print
  • Year: 2014
  • Skills: Adobe Illustrator. Stock graphics purchased from Getty Images.

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