A logo created by Joel Mertz for a leadership conference held in Miami, Florida. The graphic includes the text lead forward. There is a green circle with an arrow in the middle that has replaced the o in forward.

I designed this logo for the 2012 Lead Forward conference that was held in Miami, Florida. The objective for the conference was to inspire employees to look towards a future of limitless possibilities. The logo needed to project a since of motion while also demonstrating precision and deliberate intent. To achieve this, I knew I needed a mark that was compact and powerful. In the LeadForward logo, there is no space between the two words. Instead, contrasting colors and font weights are used for maintaining legibility. Towards the center, the “F” and “arrow O” characters lock together and push the viewer’s eyes forward, to the right and into the future.

  • Medium: Logo
  • Year: 2012
  • Skills: Adobe Illustrator

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