A digital urban photography project created by Joel Mertz. There is a collage of some of the photos that were submitted to the project. There is also a photo of the project being exhibited at the White Stag building in Portland, OR. This event was called, Offsite.

The active and evolving energy a city generates has always inspired me. Humans appear to have such sudden and dramatic impacts on their environment, particularly in urban areas, to the point where no street ever feels the same at any given time. Trash is thrown and cleaned up, graffiti is sprayed on walls and painted over, buildings go up and down, shops open and close and streets are worn down and then repaved. Even the people themselves transform the landscape with what they wear, what they are doing and how they interact with one another.

I wanted to share my love for the examination of urban environments with other photographers from around the world. Shared Urban Space is a community oriented project that began as a website and eventually evolved into a Flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/sus/bShared Urban Space consists of specific objectives for urban photographers and ranges from simple tasks like, “take a photo of a security camera,” to more abstract assignments like, “take a photo of an injustice.”

In June, 2008, hundreds of photos from the project were put on display at the White Stag building in Portland, OR. Visitors were able to print photos in the gallery on a touchscreen monitor as postcards that included information about the photographer and the assignment they had completed. Several photographers even submitted audio recordings about their experience with the project. These stories were played in the gallery, and a large screen projector highlighted their photographs. A live webcast of the event offered a small reward to the many photographers who had participated and were not able to attend the event.

Today, Shared Urban Space continues to receive submissions and has over 60 participating countries and more than 1,000 submitted photographs.

  • Medium: Multimedia online photography project
  • Year: 2008
  • Skills: Social Media, Web Design and Development, Digital Photography, Flash (Touchscreen Kiosk), Video, Sound Design, Graphic Designr

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